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EMS Facial Lifting Device

EMS Facial Lifting Device

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EMS Facial Lifting Device is a highly effective electric massager that provides a range of skin benefits. It features a high-frequency vibration of 3500 times per minute that lifts and tightens the skin, reducing puffiness and helping to slim the face. With 6 LED light therapies, this EMS Facial Lifting Device provides intelligent face-lifting therapy to promote skin cell activity, metabolism, and collagen secretion, accelerating blood circulation and enhancing skin elasticity.

12 Vibration Massage Speeds

The EMS Facial Lifting Device also features 12 kinds of vibration massage speeds and a constant temperature hot compress. The 1-3 speed plasticity mode is suitable for people with relatively sensitive cuticles, while the 4-5 speed firming mode is suitable for people with moderate force masseter muscle fat and double chin. The 6-12 speed lift mode is designed for people who have used the EMS Facial Lifting Device for more than half a year to consolidate the results.

Multiple Light Therapy

This EMS Facial Lifting Device has multiple light therapy effects. When using the face-lifting device, not only can face-lifting but is also equipped with a variety of phototherapy. Each light works differently and can boost metabolism. , lighten wrinkles, whiten skin, shrink pores, and many other effects.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design perfectly fits the contour of the face, the foldable ring shape meets all face shapes, and the length of the headband is adjustable. This instrument uses different intensities of red and blue alternately to make the skin glow and effectively improve facial lines and double chin.

Face Improvement

This beauty instrument can help you to thin double chin, masseter muscle, edema and tighten facial muscles. It can also help you to improve the skin around the eyes and neck, such as wrinkles reduce.

Easy To Use & Carry

You can adjust the intensity of the EMS Facial Lifting Device according to your needs, just wear it for 10 minutes while reading, sleeping, watching TV, or doing housework. Small and light, it is suitable for use in offices, homes, and travel, and is convenient for facial massage anytime, anywhere.

Product Information

  • Rated voltage: DC5V=1A
  • Power supply mode: polymer battery
  • Color: pink, white
  • Shell technology: ABS
  • Power: 5 w

Packing list

  • EMS Facial Lifting Device *1
  • Strap *1
  • Manual *1
  • USB cable *1
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